The Edmonton Antiques & Collectables Show is making its big debut in September 2014. We are a one day pop up market, held in the summer and fall specializing in all things antique or collectable.  It is our goal to offer a venue where, collectors, enthusiasts, peers, and vendors gather to share their mutual interests.

The announcement of this show has already caused a buzz in the antique and collectables community.  We have had an overwhelming amount of interest and are anticipating over 150 vendors from Western Canada that will come together to provide this unique experience. The event gives attendees an opportunity to interact with Local enthusiast, private collectors and independent retailers who specialize in items which are not readily available.

The Edmonton Antiques & Collectables Show is a family friendly event geared towards the budget minded. This daylong event is an excellent opportunity for the beginner, as well as the most seasoned of collectors an opportunity to add to their collections.  Alberta’s antique and collectables community is a welcoming group.  It is the common interests and enthusiasm of this community that makes for an inviting and exciting environment that welcomes people of all levels of collecting.  Whether you are looking for a relaxing afternoon of perusing and shopping, or are a person who lives for the trill of the hunt, we will be sure not to disappoint.  Don’t just purchase a piece of history but help create it by participating in this event which is sure to have the longevity of the items you will find.